The Struggle

In rural Nepal women risk their lives to give birth every day. Most women in these areas do not have access to a skilled health provider or facility in which to deliver. Because of this lack of access to essential care, a Nepali woman dies due to preventable complications of pregnancy or childbirth every eight hours. Every hour, two Nepali newborns take their final breaths, the majority being less than a day old. One Heart World-Wide was founded on the principle that access to lifesaving care is a human right—and we aim to deliver care to all of the families who lack access to these vital services across rural Nepal. 

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The Hope

One Heart World-Wide works to ensure that every woman and baby across rural Nepal can access lifesaving healthcare. We establish fully equipped birthing centers, train local providers in maternal care, and drive sustainable change from within the communities we serve, saving lives now and into the future. 

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The Results

We have learned through our past experiences how to deliver results that save lives and uplift communities. In the districts where we have worked the longest, maternal mortality has dropped to nearly zero.

Network of Safety

We work with local communities and local health providers to develop a culturally appropriate Network of Safety around mothers and infants, by raising awareness, teaching good practices, and distributing essential supplies to ensure that mothers and infants survive delivery and the first months of life.

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